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Carry on advertising

There have been plenty of articles in the media recently suggesting that traditional advertising is dead. But how can this be? The big brands that were so prevalent in our childhood, and still lead where others follow today, didn’t get to where they are with the help of a few Facebook likes.

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Banbury Howard featured in Creative Brief Top 30

Every year, Creative Brief – a respected provider of intelligence to marketers – releases its Top 30 agency list. When the news arrived that we’d been ranked No.9 of the most viewed agencies for branding and design, we were pretty chuffed!

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Charlotte’s New Zealand adventure

Senior Digital Designer, Charlotte, has just returned from a truly amazing adventure in New Zealand. Enjoying a four-month sabbatical, she was able to explore most of the country making some very special memories along the way.

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Game on

It’s not every day you’re asked to build a robot, so when we were tasked to create a Midwich gaming technology campaign, we set to transforming it into something epic.

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Keiran joins the creative crew

The Banbury Howard creative team has grown again this year with the addition of a new designer to the studio. We welcome Keiran Buchanan who joins us as Junior Graphic Designer within our Adastral Park offices.

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Banbury Howard | CyanConnode branding and website

Creating the world’s number one narrowband mesh network

At the forefront of narrowband RF mesh technology, providing a communications platform for energy, lighting and emerging applications in the wider Internet of Things (IoT) network, Cyan Technology has recently acquired Swedish Connode, a leading supplier of wireless communication products for IoT.

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