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Banbury Howard | CyanConnode branding and website

Creating the world’s number one narrowband mesh network

At the forefront of narrowband RF mesh technology, providing a communications platform for energy, lighting and emerging applications in the wider Internet of Things (IoT) network, Cyan Technology has recently acquired Swedish Connode, a leading supplier of wireless communication products for IoT. With the acquisition of Connode, Cyan will expand their geographic coverage from the […]

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Banbury Howard | Kate Southgate

Kate joins the crew – a new account manager for Banbury Howard

As business here at Banbury Howard continues to grow, so does our team. Now, Kate Southgate has joined as an account manager, helping us to expand our portfolio and broaden our reach. Having enjoyed a fast paced and successful career as a copywriter and outreach consultant in a digital marketing agency, Kate brings a wealth […]

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Banbury Howard | Midwich Summer Games Campaign

Championing world class tech from team Midwich

As Team GB reeled in the medals in Rio, the Midwich Games gained sales momentum. Midwich is the UK’s leading trade-only distributor of technology solutions. With unrivalled industry expertise, the company has developed sound commercial propositions for vendors and profitable opportunities for reseller partners. The teams at Midwich are passionate about providing the very best […]

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National campaign brings brokers on board

With George Osborne’s proposed changes to personal injury claims set to rock the motor insurance sector in the near future, WNS Assistance identified a growing market need for their end to end claims management solution.

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Making a Mark in art direction

Mark Burgess has recently taken on the important role of Art Director within the Banbury Howard studio. With a true love of the world of art and design and a keen eye for trends, Mark delivers fresh thinking to any brief. A skillset that has seen him enjoy a successful career as a Senior Designer.

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