Banbury Howard

Happy birthday to us!

This autumn saw us celebrate our 10th anniversary. It’s difficult to believe that 10 years have passed. Some of us may have a few more wrinkles and a couple more grey hairs now, but what a fun, interesting, challenging and rewarding decade it’s been.

When Banbury Howard was founded in 2009 it was with the ambition to make a real difference – a difference to the businesses of our clients, a difference to the lives of our employees and to create an agency that genuinely cared. We have grown steadily and sustainably over the years – carefully recruiting an outstanding team of true professionals in each of their disciplines, with a genuine passion for what they do.

We are honoured to work with some of the best brands out there, whether global blue chip companies or locally renowned organisations. From naming and branding for start-up initiatives, to international TV advertising campaigns, we have, and continue to, work with a diverse range of clients from a broad selection of industries. We are fortunate that this diversity keeps our job very interesting and enables us to propose continually innovative solutions to our clients.

When we look back at the campaigns and achievements since we started, it would be impossible to pick just one that we are proudest of, or enjoyed working on the most. Every project has been so different, bringing its own challenges and rewards. What we will remain forever grateful for and proud of, however, is the amazing team and the delightful clients we have.

Of course, 10 years was cause for celebration and so we marked the occasion in true Banbury Howard style with a bottle or two. The planned boat trip was cancelled due to the gale-force winds that decided to grace our coast that day. Undeterred, we set about sampling the delights of some of Suffolk’s most wonderful (and weird) establishments.

We are truly grateful to everyone who has supported us through this past decade – friends, family, associates and, of course, we’d like to thank all of our wonderful clients for supporting us through this journey. We very much look forward to the next ten years together.