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Why you should use Google AdWords for Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

As the only official Google partner in Ipswich and Suffolk, we often get asked by our clients why they should be using Google AdWords to attract new customers.

We help both large companies and SMEs with their Google AdWords campaigns, helping to make sure they achieve their online marketing goals, regardless of their budget. To help you understand the true potential of Google AdWords, our digital marketing team has put together some of the benefits that it can provide-

Get instant traffic – when it comes to your website, there can be few things more frustrating than low volume of traffic.

Enter PPC! Once you have carried out your keyword analysis and selected the right ones for your business, you can then use Google AdWords advertising to drive traffic to your site. If your site is fairly new, you can start driving traffic to your website through PPC immediately.

Improved brand image – It is a fairly common misconception that if you have an established brand presence and good organic search engine rankings, there is little need to run PPC campaigns. But successful companies have always used PPC campaigns to complement their organic rankings.

For example, search for iPhone and you will see ads appear for Apple. Improving visibility and recall, when your visitors see your website listed twice when they search for your keyword or brand name, their trust for your brand will only increase.

Measure your marketing efforts – If ecommerce makes up a part of your business you will probably love the conversion tracking function of AdWords. It lets you know how many sales you’ve made through AdWords compared to other online marketing channels, such as email marketing and SEO.

Not only can you analyse sales you have made as a result of your efforts, you can also analyse return on investment, allowing you to decide for yourself if it was worth it. If you are not an ecommerce business, you can still import your Google analytics goals to your AdWords or create different conversion settings within AdWords.

This nifty feature will surely help you to plan your budget and gain the maximum ROI.

Here we’ve only covered three of the many useful features of Google AdWords. If you would like to give Google AdWords a try, but would prefer not to make the leap with your budget until you’ve seen some results, we can provide you with up to £100 worth of free Google AdWords credit.