Banbury Howard

The importance of being earnest

If you’re trying to build and maintain a brand, it’s important that everything which leaves your organisation, no matter how large or small it may be, is clear, concise and completely devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.

In the age when people now text each other more than they speak on the phone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that spelling and grammar are no longer important to the English language, however, it’s often a common reason why individuals do not receive a reply when dabbling with online dating.

Promoting a business and finding a partner are really not that different. Much like when you sell yourself on an online dating profile, when selling your business and appealing to new customers, you need to show your organisation off to it’s full potential.

When you begin profile building in an attempt to find a future partner, you select a photo of yourself looking good, come up with a funny yet inspiring name and set about creating a biography which shows those reading just how intellectual, sociable and generally great you are. You check it, you check it again, you ask your friend to check it and you have a final read through yourself. Everything on the page has a purpose before you click the button to publish it to the world.

This should be no different when building an image of your organisation. You wouldn’t want anything going out which wasn’t perfect and that’s why it’s important to have someone in, or working with, your organisation whose sole objective is to ensure everything leaving your business has a consistent message and tone, checking and double checking that everything which leaves the office is just the way it should be.

Serious thought and attention needs to be given to the collateral you use to promote your business. Think of it like speed dating. If you only had five minutes to impress a new customer, what would you say? How would you sell yourself and your business? The principles are much the same for both self and business promotion. Keep your messages clear, engage with the person you are speaking to, and ensure they leave remembering exactly who you are.

If you’re not an organisation with your own communications team, creating and implementing a PR plan may seem like a daunting task. This is where Banbury Howard can help.

The team boasts a number of copywriters who are confident and competent in their abilities and more than happy to help you create your key messages; providing a consistent tone of voice and image in the information you present both externally to clients and stakeholders and internally to your own staff. The design team is also on hand to create visuals so that your business stands out from competitors, ensuring you’re the first port of call for those needing the services you offer.

Tenacious in the way they approach their work, all members of the Banbury Howard team possess great attention to detail and pride themselves on treating each client as an individual, with needs different to that of any other.

So, if you’re serious about promoting your business in the best way possible, Banbury Howard will be sincere in the way they approach marketing your organisation to potential customers and aid you every step of the way when it comes to speaking out about what you have to offer.