Banbury Howard

Powering up competitively priced gas

With firm foundations in marketing for the energy sector, when Zog Energy identified a need for a brand refresh, Banbury Howard fitted the bill.

Zog Energy is an innovative, gas-only supplier offering fixed price plans that lock in rates for consumers in Great Britain. The company was formed to remedy the confusion of dealing with the big six energy suppliers, with one simple aim – to offer competitively priced gas.

To keep prices low, Zog Energy employs a lean structure and customer service management systems, operating with lower overheads than other suppliers in the marketplace.

With a sales strategy that centres around being a market leader on the comparison sites, Zog Energy recognised that in order to retain customers for reasons other than price alone, it would be important to build brand loyalty.

Briefing Banbury Howard firstly to refresh their brand, the team at Zog Energy then asked us to craft a communications strategy that would enhance brand recognition and allow it to continue to grow.

Initially warming up the colour palate with fresh and more positive tones, we proceeded to energise the logo. We also developed a new suite of imagery, delivering an aspirational, yet real life, British family feel.

As well as advising on an overarching communications strategy, we have developed and continue to manage and implement a social media plan. We have also created a series of banners and graphics for an interim website refresh, while we’re now working on user experience in preparation for a new website coming soon.