Banbury Howard

Introducing a new fibre data services brand in 22 countries

Banbury Howard helps Broadbase Consulting make new connections, globally.

When Broadbase Consulting approached us with a mission to present their new fibre network and data services solution in 22 countries, project IBOSS, with a further 26 countries planned to be rolled out over the next year, we were on hand to help.

Broadbase Consulting provides a one-stop solution, connecting companies between the UK/Europe with other destinations across the globe, such as Australia, Brazil, Ghana and Saudi Arabia.

Their unique network design combines Cisco equipment with bespoke network management tools in order to provide fast installations over the existing IBOSS network routes. This design allows Broadbase Consulting to provide companies with tailored products and services that deliver exceptional quality and fantastic pricing, all over a modern and resilient network.

Initially, Banbury Howard was given the brief to manage the data mining and manipulation to identify potential clients who would benefit from the IBOSS service. The company research was conducted in each of the 22 countries around the globe, with a particular emphasis placed on specific ICT spend characteristics. Once the data was sourced in each of the countries, the information was analysed and formatted to form a comprehensive and manageable sales and marketing database.

Alongside these country reports, we were tasked with introducing the brand to market, as well as to potential clients, producing marketing collateral and proposition templates to highlight benefits and to aid sales.

To successfully market and gain credibility within each country, Broadbase Consulting created 22 brand names, each working within a consistent logo style. The suite of marketing collateral, which included both print and online versions, was tailored to the brand of each of these countries and their individual markets.

With all marketing communications now in place, the IBOSS project team are moving ahead with a confident client acquisition campaign, coupled with a programme of sustainable brand awareness.