Banbury Howard

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Pure genius.

Unlock your creativity and let your imagination run free with our new book.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’ – a quote we feel pretty much sums up what we do. It was also the inspiration behind our new creative book.

Starting with the notion that all ideas draw inspiration from somewhere, the book incorporates a collection of creative concepts gleaned over many years from here, there and everywhere.

We also look at a range of techniques designed to unlock your creativity and let your imagination run free.

Write drunk. Edit sober may sound a little risky, and it’s certainly not a technique we employ in our day to day copy writing. The concept that writing drunk may mean you feel inspired and creative is absolutely right, though, and the best notes can often come at times when you’ve let yourself go a little, while not losing sight of the all-important objectives of the piece being created. Editing sober recommends that you then review your writing with a clear head.

Ten ways to enhance your creative thinking includes tips such as allowing yourself to lose focus. This sounds a counterproductive but, if you allow your mind to wander a little, you may well come up with better solutions.

Get messy is another interesting tip. Research has proved that a messy desk leads to more creative thinking. Even a change in mood can help. Try to harness that mood, sit down and create there and then.

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last. Be the expert. There really are no short cuts – with a sound understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, you’ll have the know-how to be original and innovative in your approach.

One last tip to get you hooked on our book. Creative surprise is the most important ingredient in the secret formula of impactful advertising. While safe is boring and no one will take a blind bit of notice, the unexpected demands attention. Be brave and keep springing surprises.

Our creative book is coming soon. Send us an email, and we’ll get a copy to you as soon as its ready.