Banbury Howard

Creating the world’s number one narrowband mesh network

At the forefront of narrowband RF mesh technology, providing a communications platform for energy, lighting and emerging applications in the wider Internet of Things (IoT) network, Cyan Technology has recently acquired Swedish Connode, a leading supplier of wireless communication products for IoT.

With the acquisition of Connode, Cyan will expand their geographic coverage from the major emerging markets including India, China and Africa to developed markets in Europe, creating the world’s number one narrowband mesh network.

The combined company will support multi-application networks and enable communication with any device, including gas, water and electricity meters, lighting and traffic lights. Recognising that the companies would be combined to operate as a singular entity, the company owners and shareholders, based in Cambridge and Stockholm, acknowledged the need to rename and rebrand as a unified company, CyanConnode.

Consulting with the team at CyanConnode to truly understand their businesses and services, we created a new unified logo, as well as brand look and feel that accurately reflected their combined service offering.

Through the branding, CyanConnode has been positioned as an innovative and modern company aligned with its strategic goals. To create stand out in the market, it was crucial to showcase the benefits of the new company’s complementary offerings – delivering narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni IoT communications.

The brand style was rolled out across marketing materials, including a full suite of collateral, and a new website has been built positioning CyanConnode as a world leader.

With the new branding and marketing collateral in place, coupled with world class standards for service delivery, CyanConnode aims to raise its profile and grow as a united company, both in the UK and internationally.