Banbury Howard

Branding bodyfx – giving health, fitness and wellbeing a leading lifestyle look

In a saturated arena, fitness brands need to stand out or they’ll be pushed out.

The bodyfx team came to us with a name and a vision to create a holistic lifestyle brand. Our remit was simple – come up with a company look and feel that conjured up an ideal balance of health, fitness and wellbeing.

The brief also came with a severe health warning. No muscle heads, stick thin models, hippy-dippy ideals or fad diet connotations. This needed to be a brand with goodness at the heart of everything it stands for and represents.

We researched the fitness market to investigate the market norm and to see how we could differentiate bodyfx – to get standout and at the same time push their three core values. We identified the good, the bad and the plain ugly, and set about devising an authentic alternative to this inundated market.

We also had to consider the two main audiences we would need to engage with. Firstly, the brand would be aimed at personal trainers and nutrition experts that would take on a bodyfx location. We created a marketing communications toolkit, giving them everything they need to start coaching a bodyfx group. This includes a full manual, plus all the member recruitment elements they need.

Secondly, the brand needs to appeal to the end users – those wishing to engage in an all round, healthier lifestyle. Forward thinking individuals open to new ways of embracing life and taking control of how they look, feel and experience the world.

The inspirational bodyfx lifestyle brand was born. A refreshing initiative allowing members to embark on a journey to discover how to build and maintain their own health through positive nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Following a successful launch in China the brand is now being made ready for a full UK launch, before being rolled out into several key European markets.