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A taste of transformation – Banbury Howard invited to present at CIPD event

Further to the launch of our new Transformational Leadership programme, the CIPD has invited our very own Vij Griew to present a two-hour session at their Ipswich and Colchester group conference at UCS in Ipswich on 28th February, between 6pm and 8pm.

Open to CIPD members, Vij will facilitate a fun reminder of the importance of transformational leadership and the positive implications it has for the workforce and evolving business.

Exploring the pressures of working in today’s business climate, we pinpoint the behavioural cornerstones that enable a leader to influence effectively, drawing out brilliance and encouraging change.

Vij says, “We are excited to be presenting at this conference and delighted that the CIPD group has been so keen to have us involved. This will be a very brief introduction into Leading Business Excellence, and attendees will leave with an understanding of some useful principles that they can apply back in the workplace.”

Normally a three day event, the Banbury Howard Leading Business Excellence Programme encourages the sharing of experiences and viewpoints from a variety of backgrounds and organisations. Recognising this, we offer one free place for a delegate from a not-for-profit organisation for every two paid for places.

To find out more about the Banbury Howard Leading Business Excellence programme, please contact Sarah Goodwin on 0845 450 0718 or at

Or for more information on the CIPD event, please visit If you would like to attend the event, please email