Banbury Howard

A carefully crafted marketing makeover for Anglia Factors

Anglia Factors specialises in designing and creating bespoke, handcrafted kitchens and interiors. Having been established for 50 years, they came to us with a well-respected and trusted brand in place. We were tasked with taking a fresh look at their marketing – embracing the heritage and craftsmanship, but also celebrating their dynamic approach and contemporary methods, so as to raise awareness of their offering to a broader audience. The brief included a review of all online and offline channels to ensure total integration and consistency.

We started with an overhaul of the Anglia Factors website and, in particular, taking a good look behind the scenes to see where we could make the site work harder. This included helping to drive traffic to the site, with the ultimate aim of encouraging prospective customers to visit their stunning Suffolk showroom.

Of course, work is never ‘done’ when it comes to websites and a programme of continual testing, review and improvement is planned to increase traffic and provide relevant content to the target audience.

In addition to the website, we have rolled out a digital marketing campaign, including both paid search and social media. The aim being to increase awareness and direct appropriate traffic to the Anglia Factors website.

Further to online activity, we refreshed the look and feel of the brand through a new suite of printed ads. Once again, embracing the heritage and attention to detail that the business has been built on. At the same time positioning the brand in a way that would appeal to a new wave of potential customers, whilst being careful not alienate their existing customer base.

The result: A fresh modern approach that positions Anglia Factors as a major contender amongst some of the younger entrants to the market, backed up by care, true craftsmanship and good old fashioned customer service that is the foundation of the business. We’re delighted with the results so far and looking forward to further realising the potential of this amazing brand.