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Full Service Marketing Communications Agency

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    Brand and design

    Whether we’re creating brands, refreshing them, or crafting a campaign within existing guidelines, we have the experience to truly represent your values while being totally in tune with your target markets. We bring brands to life – through websites, marketing materials, exhibition stands and advertising.

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    PR and events

    Managing PR campaigns ranging from international companies to small charities, our team has experience in securing coverage globally, nationally and locally. Our professional event managers specialise in planning and delivering corporate events, conferences and exhibitions, achieving real, measurable results.

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    Digital marketing

    Designing and developing responsive websites to deliver an impactful presence across both desktop and mobile devices, we also offer online advertising and Adwords campaigns, SEO projects, social media management and more – all designed to seamlessly integrate with your wider ongoing marketing activity.

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    Copy and content

    Whether providing copy for an entire website rich in appropriate content and optimised for search, for a brochure, a short advertorial article, for blogs or social media posts, our in house professional writers will work to your brand tone of voice, crafting your messages into copy designed to engage and connect.

They Say Write Drunk Edit Sober

Of course, this isn't a technique we practice literally, but we embrace situations where creative juices can flow uninhibited, allowing the absolute best results to surface.

About Us

Our Business is getting your Business noticed

When Banbury Howard was founded in 2009 it was with the ambition to make a real difference – a difference to the business of our clients, a difference to the lives of our employees and to create an agency that genuinely cared.

Employing an outstanding team of true professionals in each of their disciplines, we have a genuine passion for what we do. Being lucky enough to work with a host of interesting companies, ranging from start up initiatives to large global corporations, we are rewarded through knowing we have had a positive impact on their performance.

We take personal pride in every single project we undertake, vowing to do the very best we can to achieve and exceed the expectations of our clients. Never content to settle for less than excellent, if we say we will or can do something, it can be considered done.

We Believe The Devil Is In The Details

It's true, the little things matter. Attention to detail is integral to absolutely everything we do. Being thorough is never an optional extra.

The Team

Experienced, Approachable, helpful

We have a team rich in marketing communications experience and qualifications.

Having worked with some of the biggest and most exciting brands around, we are confident in our ability to achieve results whether working for a global corporation or a local start-up.

We relish a challenge and approach each and every project with passion and commitment to make a real difference.

Together, we believe in combining hard work and insight to inform our strategy, our creativity and our delivery so as to generate meaningful impact to our clients businesses.

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    Managing Director

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    Creative Director

  • vicky-web-v2

    Head of Copy and Content

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    Account Director

  • kate-web-v2

    Account Manager

  • mark-web-v2

    Art Director

  • charlotte-web-v2

    Digital Designer

  • tom-web

    Web Developer

  • caroline-web-v2

    PR Account Manager

Only the best Ideas Will Survive

Ruthless in our search for excellence, we take a collaborative approach to rising to challenges, proposing only the ideas we are confident will make a difference.

Our Work

Creative, Dynamic, Effective

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  • Midwich
    bh main midwich
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    Midwich is the UK’s leading trade-only distributor of technology solutions. Customers benefit from over 35 years of unrivalled industry expertise of delivering cutting edge solutions to the AV, security, document solutions and IT industry. They supply the best known business-to-business and consumer brands.

  • Cyan Connode
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    Cyan Connode

    At the forefront of narrowband RF mesh technology, providing a communications platform for energy, lighting and emerging applications in the wider Internet of Things (IoT) network, Cyan Technology recently acquired Swedish Connode, a leading supplier of wireless communication products for IoT, to become CyanConnode.

  • WNS Assistance
    bh main wnsa
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    WNS Assistance

    WNS Assistance is the UK’s leading provider of services to the motor claims community, currently managing over 200,000 vehicle repairs and 300,000 motor claims per annum.

  • Midwich
    bh main client midwich gaming
    • bh inner midwich gaming2
    • bh-inner-midwich-game1
    • bh inner midwich gaming5
    • bh inner midwich gaming4
    • bh inner midwich gaming3

    Midwich is the UK’s leading trade-only distributor of technology solutions. Customers benefit from over 35 years of unrivalled industry expertise of delivering cutting edge solutions to the AV, security, document solutions and IT industry. They supply the best known business-to-business and consumer brands.

  • Home House
    • bh-inner-homehouse1
    • bh-inner-homehouse4
    • bh-inner-homehouse3
    • bh-inner-homehouse2
    Home House

    Home House is one of London’s most exclusive and unique private members’ clubs, located in three restored Grade I and II listed Georgian townhouses on Portman Square, London. The club caters for a diverse mix of members who meet to socialise, do business and relax in an elegant collection of bars and restaurants.

  • The Hotel Collection
    • bh-inner-hotel1
    • bh-inner-hotel2
    • bh-inner-hotel3
    • bh-inner-hotel4
    • bh-inner-hotel5
    The Hotel Collection

    The Hotel Collection features 21 unique British hotels in fantastic locations across the UK, from classic country houses, to coastal and city hotels. Including award winning restaurants, beauty rooms and health clubs, the Hotel Collection is the ultimate British hotel group.

  • Bodyfx
    • bh-inner-bodyfx1
    • bh-inner-bodyfx2
    • bh-inner-bodyfx4
    • bh-inner-bodyfx3
    • bh-inner-bodyfx5
    • bh-inner-bodyfx7
    • bh-inner-bodyfx6

    The body fx Lifestyle brand allows members to take the journey and discover how to build and maintain their own health through positive nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. Following a successful UK launch the brand is now being rolled out in China.

  • Screen
    • _screen-new2
    • _screen-new1
    • _screen-new3_screen-new3
    • _screen-new4

    Screen is the largest supplier of captioning, subtitling and teletext systems in the world. The company specialises in developing products for the preparation and delivery of subtitling and information services across a range of platforms and devices.

  • Zog Energy
    • bh inner zog3
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    • bh-inner-zog5
    • bh inner zog1
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    Zog Energy

    Zog Energy is an innovative, gas-only supplier offering fixed price plans that lock in rates for consumers in Great Britain. Zog was formed to remedy the confusion of dealing with the big six, with a simple aim to offer competitively priced gas. To keep prices low, Zog Energy employs a lean structure and customer service management systems.

  • Coderus
    • bh-inner-coderus1
    • bh-inner-coderus2
    • bh-inner-coderus3
    • bh-inner-coderus4
    • bh-inner-coderus5
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    • bh-inner-coderus7
    • bh-inner-coderus8
    • bh-inner-coderus9
    • bh-inner-coderus10

    Coderus is an innovative software development and consultancy company working with clients across the globe. From mobile and embedded software applications created from clients’ own draft designs to fully featured cross platform end to end design and build, Coderus delivers solutions to grow and evolve with their clients’ needs.

  • Creative Medical Research
    • bh-inner-client-cmr3
    • bh-inner-client-cmr1
    • bh-inner-client-cmr2
    • bh-inner-client-cmr4
    Creative Medical Research

    Creative Medical Research (CMR) is a full-service market research agency specialising in research for the medical device sector. CMR’s offering encompasses all of the services, accessories and marketing that bring a medical device to market, including product development, price modelling and marcomms. CMR has established itself as one of the most dedicated and professional agencies in their industry, working with the world’s biggest pharmaceutical brands.  

  • Daisy
    • bh-inner-daisy1
    • bh-inner-daisy4 16.51.59
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    • bh-inner-daisy8
    • bh-inner-daisy9
    • bh-inner-daisy10
    • bh-inner-daisy11

    With over 30 years’ experience, Daisy Distribution is one of the UK’s leading distributors of integrated IT and Telecommunications products and services. Working under the umbrella brand of the Daisy Group Ltd, Daisy Distribution offers their partners a full communications product suite, including fixed line and data connectivity, 4G and WiFi enabled devices and airtime, as well as digital and cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Vodafone One Net Business.

    • bh-inner-oxems1
    • bh-inner-oxems2
    • bh-inner-oxems3
    • bh-inner-oxems4

    OXEMS was founded in 2010 following an extensive research programme carried out by the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Since 2010 they have developed the technology into their current Mk2 OXEMS System which has been extensively trialled at a number of UK water utilities.

  • Maintech Power
    • bh-inner-client-maintech1
    • bh-inner-client-maintech2
    • bh-inner-client-maintech5
    • bh-inner-client-maintech4
    • bh-inner-client-maintech3
    Maintech Power

    Maintech Power Services is made up of industry-leading mechanical and electrical engineers providing high voltage and electrical system design through to construction, installation and commissioning, as well as on going maintenance and the implementation of energy efficient measures. Maintech delivers the highest standards of service to over 150 blue chip clients nationwide across commercial, industrial and public sectors.

  • GlazeAlarm
    • bh-inner-glaze1
    • bh-inner-glaze2
    • bh-inner-glaze3
    • bh-inner-glaze4
    • bh-inner-glaze5
    • bh-inner-glaze6
    • bh-inner-glaze7

    GlazeAlarm is a young and innovative company focused on inventing, developing and marketing a suite of smart home automation solutions. Their flagship product is a robust and tamper proof glass-break system that allows users to manage the safety and security of their premises remotely.

  • Midwich
    • bh-inner-client-rio1
    • bh-inner-client-rio4
    • bh-inner-client-rio3
    • bh-inner-client-rio5
    • bh-inner-client-rio2

    Midwich is the UK’s leading trade-only distributor of technology solutions. Customers benefit from over 35 years of unrivalled industry expertise of delivering cutting edge solutions to the AV, security, document solutions and IT industry. They supply the best known business-to-business and consumer brands.

  • Barker Gotelee
    • bh-inner-barker1
    • bh-inner-barker2
    • bh-inner-barker3
    • bh-inner-barker4
    • bh-inner-barker5
    • bh-inner-barker6
    Barker Gotelee

    Barker Gotelee is a truly professional team of solicitors in Suffolk, placing reputation, excellence and trust at the heart of everything they do. Offering a wide range of services for life, land and business, Barker Gotelee has a firm focus on the needs of their clients, delivering consistently high quality of work and service to businesses and their owners, corporations and private individuals.

  • Screen
    • bh-inner-screen5
    • bh-inner-screen3
    • bh-inner-screen2
    • bh-inner-screen5
    • bh-inner-screen6
    • bh-inner-screen4

    Screen is the largest supplier of captioning, subtitling and teletext systems in the world. The company specialises in developing products for the preparation and delivery of subtitling and information services across a range of platforms and devices.

  • Sensing Change
    • bh_inner-sensing1
    • bh-inner-sensing2
    • bh-inner-sensing3
    • bh-inner-sensing4
    Sensing Change

    Sensing Change is a social enterprise formed to provide services to people with sight and/or hearing loss in Suffolk. The practice not only provides social work, but a range of other services that address the needs of people with sight and hearing loss.

  • Extremis Technology
    • bh-inner-hush
    • bh-inner-hush1
    • bh-inner-hush2
    • bh-inner-hush3
    • bh-inner-hush4
    • bh-inner-hush5
    Extremis Technology

    Extremis Technology is working to assist people who have been displaced by disaster throughout the world to regain dignity and health. Their robust portable shelters – HUSH – have been designed to withstand the extremes of nature, providing long term solutions prior to permanent settlement.

  • Ipswich Sports Club
    • bh-inner-ips3
    • bh-inner-ips4
    • bh-inner-ips1
    Ipswich Sports Club

    Ipswich Sports Club is a private members club established in 1870 with a unique sporting and social heritage. The club welcomes beginners and elite athletes alike covering Squash, Racketball, Tennis and Hockey. With members, past and present, going on to compete internationally.

  • Adnams
    • bh-inner-adnams1
    • bh-inner-adnams2
    • bh-inner-adnam4
    • bh-inner-adnams3
    • bh-inner-adnams5

    Adnams was established in 1872 and is an award winning UK brewer, hotelier and wine merchant. Keeping beer and pubs at the heart of their business, Adnams also makes hand crafted spirits and operates a number of Cellar and Kitchen outlets, as well as an online retail store.

  • Funlayo Déri
    • bh-inner-funlayo1
    • bh-inner-funlayo2
    • bh-inner-funlayo4
    • bh-inner-funlayo3
    Funlayo Déri

    Funlayo Déri is the luxurious and wearable fashion label, created by designer Funmilayo Déri. Taking inspiration and beauty from the culture and heritage of our colourful world, Funlayo Déri offers captivating and stylish investment pieces designed to stand the test of time and the changing seasons.

  • M&C Engineering
    • bh-inner-mandc1
    • bh-inner-mandc2
    • bh-inner-mandc3
    • bh-inner-mandc4
    • bh-inner-mandc6
    • bh-inner-mandc5
    M&C Engineering

    M&C Engineering provides a full turnkey service in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering to the water, power, rail, industrial and residential sectors. Their in-house design and fabrication team, mobile fleet and emergency response units serve clients including Anglian Water, Thames Water and UK Power Networks.

  • IF Recruitment
    bh main ifcruitment
    • bh inner if1
    • bh inner if2
    • bh inner if3
    • bh inner if4
    IF Recruitment

    IF Recruitment is an IT recruitment company specialising in sourcing and placing ‘hard to find’ contractors in niche roles across numerous industries. Areas of expertise include integration, new and legacy technologies, IT architecture and infrastructure and applications.

  • Holkham Hall and Estate
    Holkham Hall and Estate

    Holkham Hall is a grand Palladian mansion, designed and built for the 1st Earl of Leicester in the 1700s. Today it remains a privately owned family home, and, as well as farming, the estate includes a holiday park, cafes, a property development company and a traditional English inn, The Victoria.

  • Gurkha Stories
    • bh-inner-gurkha1
    • bh-inner-gurkha2
    • bh-inner-gurkha3
    • bh-inner-gurkha4
    • bh-inner-gurkha5
    • bh-inner-gurkha6
    • bh-inner-gurkha7
    Gurkha Stories

    Gurkha Stories is an oral history project with a simple philosophy: to create an archive that captures a flavour of the lives of twenty retired Gurkha veterans, bringing their stories to life through amazing presentations, a book, digital exhibitions, resource materials and a website.

  • Kay White
    • bh-inner-kaywhite1
    • bh-inner-kaywhite2
    Kay White

    Kay White is the savvy and influential communication expert for ambitious women in business, and the best selling author of The A – Z of Being Understood. As well as speaking at venues worldwide, Kay hosts her own three day event – Show Up; Sparkle and Be Heard LIVE every year.

Our Clients